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Dr. Jim Earle has over 25 years of management experience in higher education and college athletics. He founded JVEarle Consulting to allow him to share his leadership expertise with those who want to improve their leadership skills. Jim is passionate about helping leaders develop positive and energized teams. 


​Jim is also a captivating speaker who is sure to motivate your team with his dynamic approach to leadership.  Be sure to visit the Motivational Speaking page of our site to see videos of Jim's recent talks.

 ​For more information about how JVEarle Consulting can help, please contact us at jvearle@gmail.com

What audiences are saying about Jim Earle

 "I hope that Jim's message is heard by as many people as possible, so that, someday, this attitude toward leadership can become the norm." 

 "Jim's charisma and inner drive are what truly blew me away... The world needs more of the positive energy and pizzazz that Jim possesses." 

 "Jim Earle is such a great and inspiring speaker.  He was really phenomenal."